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Collaborate - Using a Preferred Name instead of a Given Name in Blackboard Learn

Date Published: Sep 01,2022

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This article will walk a user through changing to using a Preferred Name in Blackboard Learn 3900.48 + so that name is correctly passed to the Collaborate session.



Learn SAAS running 3900.48 or higher
Learn System Administrator needs to enable Display for Other Name and Allow users to choose their display name

For administrators: This feature is off by default. Enable in Admin Panel > Customize User Information. To use this feature, enable Base Navigation, and the “other name” field set to display. There are no other permissions configurations needed. Administrators still control whether users can edit data in the name fields. Admins still control whether data populates by external systems. The “Other Name” field name remains unchanged for integration purposes. This field displays to end users as “Additional Name.”


User Instructions

Edit your profile in the Base Navigation Area, edit your name, choose your display name.

When administrators enable this feature, users may select their display name. The new options will appear for all users when editing their own profile in the Base Navigation area. A user editing their name will have options to display the first name, the additional name, or both names. A card preview shows how their name will appear.
  • First name: The first name field continues to display to users. This is the default for all users.
  • Additional name: A user chooses to display a different name to others. This is used when someone does not go by their legal given name.
  • Both names: A user chooses to display both the first name and additional name to other users. When selected, the additional name appears before the first name. This is used for nicknames or when a name has multiple forms.


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