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Self Service

Blackboard provides a wealth of information and tools to help you get the most out of the Blackboard products available at your institution. Created by Blackboard, these publicly available resources are designed to help you effectively use these Blackboard products.

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    Best Practices

    The Best Practices area is where you’ll find resources to help you make the most of the Collaborate platform. Information is available on how to optimize use, promote adoption, and maximize success.

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    The Documentation area is where you’ll find information on how to use the Collaborate products at your institution. The Documentation area provides links to “how to” information in

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    First Time Users

    The First Time Users area is where participants can go to check to make sure their systems are configured properly to use various Collaborate products. Users are encouraged to go here well in advance of their first session.

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    Knowledge Base

    The Knowledge Base is where you’ll find a wealth of information on product best practices, troubleshooting help, guides for first time users, and more. Written by members of Customer Support, the Knowledge Base covers a wide range of topics and is an ideal place to search for information on how to use the Collaborate products at your institution.

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    Online training is available to help users to learn how to use the features and functionality of Collaborate as a participant or how to effectively moderate sessions.

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    Webinars & Events

    The Webinars & Events area is where you’ll find recordings of our interactive, informative, and inspiring webinars, including the popular Distinguished Lecture Series. These webinars feature best practices, stories from the trenches, the latest product information, and more.