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Automatic Zeros are not Applied for Unavailable Tests and Assignments

Date Published: Nov 08,2023

CategoryPlanned First Fix Release:Functioning as Designed; Product:Course Tools,Grade Center; Version:SaaS
Article No.: 000077971
Blackboard Learn
Service Pack(s):
Automatic zeros aren't generated for Tests and Assignments after the due date has passed if the Assignment or Test is unavailable.
Steps to Repeat:
  1. Create an Ultra Experience Course
  2. Enroll a few students into the course
  3. Navigate to the course's Gradebook tab, and access Gradebook settings, make sure that Assign automatic zeros for past due work is checked.
  4. Inside the content area, select  and create either an Assignment or a Test (Assessment)
  5. Access the settings for the assignment or test and set a due date in the near future
  6. Check both Prohibit late submissions and Post assessment grades automatically
  7. Make the test/assessment Hidden to Students
  8. Allow some time to pass beyond the due date
  9. Access the students' submissions
Observed Behavior:
No automatic zero is assigned.

Expected Behavior:
An automatic zero should be assigned to the student's grade.


Automatic Zero is not expected to be applied to Assignments which are Hidden from Students.

Target Release:

Functioning as Designed

Patch Available:


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