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Update On Our Learn SaaS Adoption Progress

Date Published: Aug 03,2020

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Support Bulletin

Blackboard Learn

Bulletin/Advisory Information:

Please see the text below, or on the Blackboard Community site at, for a message about Learn deployments from Kathleen Vieira, Blackboard’s Chief Strategy, Portfolio, and Marketing Officer.

At BbWorld19, our leadership team shared our plans for becoming a fully-SaaS company. We committed to provide you with an update on our plans for Blackboard Learn within a year and also to give you enough runway to manage change on your path to SaaS. Today I’d like to share an update on the progress we have made in partnership with you over the past year and guidance on our path forward.

A year ago, roughly one-third of our Learn clients were on our SaaS deployment. Since that time, we have seen incredible momentum in the move to SaaS. Today, the majority of our Learn clients have migrated to our SaaS deployment, and nearly 70-percent are either on SaaS or already on a path to SaaS. We are committed to working collaboratively to get you on a path to SaaS, yet still we recognize that some clients have unique policy requirements.

For example, Blackboard has made significant investments into accreditation during the past two years, first FedRAMP Tailored and most recently FedRAMP Moderate for Learn SaaS. We are committed to continue that investment to better serve our United States Government clients that require higher degrees of certification or operation on government networks.

Blackboard Learn, on a SaaS deployment, is the essential foundation for a holistic, best-practice approach to driving student and institutional success. Being on SaaS enables you to deliver innovative experiences to your faculty, students and staff. This includes Blackboard Data, Ultra Base Navigation and Courses and features only available on SaaS like reusable comments in our grading annotation tool.

We have spent the past few years helping our self- and managed-hosted Learn clients across the globe transition to Learn SaaS. The feedback they have shared has been overwhelmingly positive. This has reinforced our view that SaaS provides the best possible experience for Learn clients, as it provides a scalable, highly available, always up-to-date, secure deployment with access to our latest innovations. This is the experience we want for all our Learn clients.

The impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic on education has brought into focus the institutional necessity of scalable and reliable teaching and learning technology and the importance of choosing partners who will help you nimbly adjust to meet emergent needs.  As a result, many institutions that were not yet on SaaS have accelerated their timeline to ensure their success in today's environment and beyond. We have helped them achieve greater scalability and innovation for their users as they enter the coming term.

Important Dates

To assist you with your planning, we would like to provide specific guidance on our support plans for Learn:
  • Managed-hosted Learn deployments will receive Full Support through the end of 2022.
  • Self-hosted Learn deployments will receive Full Support through the end of 2023.
Adoption of the Ultra Course View has accelerated for those on Learn SaaS. We recognize that offering choice in the course experience is important to you and for this reason, we will continue to support your option to use either the Original or Ultra course view so that you can adopt our latest course experience in the way that works best for your institution. We will continue to take your needs and feedback into account as we make product decisions, and we will continue to communicate important updates transparently.

Resources for Planning Your Path to SaaS

If you have questions about SaaS, here are some upcoming workshops focused on transitioning to SaaS.

Thank you for your continued partnership.


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