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Grades Journey End User Guide
Product DocumentationDec 12, 2023
Article #: 000077190
—This document explains how to approve, submit, and extract grades with Grades Journey.
Grades Journey Configuration and Admin Guide
Product DocumentationDec 12, 2023
Article #: 000077192
—This document explains how to deploy and configure the Grades Journey Solution.
Grade Export End User Guide
Product DocumentationDec 12, 2023
Article #: 000077193
—This document explains how to approve and extract grades with Grade Export.
Grade Export Configuration and Admin Guide
Product DocumentationDec 11, 2023
Article #: 000077194
—This document explains how to deploy and configure the Grade Export feature.
SaaS Sizing and Scale Best Practices
Product DocumentationJun 07, 2023
Article #: 000077687
—Best practices to follow for the most effective and efficient scaling of your Blackboard Learn SaaS environment.
Custom SSL for Learn SaaS
Product DocumentationNov 10, 2022
Article #: 000077044
—This Article covers new and changed Bb-provided SSL, available free to SaaS customers, for URLs. ​​​​​​​This is specifically for Learn SaaS and describes a more flexible process rolled out in September 2019 as we switch to Amazon certs Customer-provided SSL is not recommended in SaaS Learn. We strongly prefer and encourage clients to use SSL certificates provided by Bb from ACM
iOS Setting to Allow Cross-Website Tracking for Blackboard App and Blackboard Instructor App
Product DocumentationNov 11, 2021
Article #: 000076036
—With the release of Blackboard app v6.11 and Blackboard Instructor app v4.11, a new iOS setting was created for the apps to allow cross-website tracking. This setting may be required to access LTI tool links from the apps on iOS devices.
Automatic Archives Download Script Administrator Guide
Product DocumentationOct 13, 2021
Article #: 000075453
—This guide will get you started with the '' script available from Learn 3900.10 and higher to download automatic archives for long-term storage.
Move Legacy Content to Content System
Product DocumentationMay 24, 2018
Article #: 000071123
—The instructions in this article will guide you through the process to move all legacy content to our embedded file system (Xythos) on a Self-Hosted system.
Utilizing Caliper Within Blackboard Learn
Product DocumentationDec 23, 2016
Article #: 000071126
—Beginning with Learn 9.1 Q4 2016, we are certified for Caliper 1.0. These instructions will help users get started with sending and receiving Caliper events in Learn.