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Upcoming changes to K12 SIS integrations using DataSense

Date Published: Jan 17,2023

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Microsoft DataSense is used by a limited number of K12 school districts in the United States to integrate Blackboard Learn with their Student Information System (SIS) solutions. Microsoft will end support for DataSense in 2023. Anthology will transition affected clients to an alternative solution in the coming months. More details will be provided in early 2023.
DataSense is a data integration solution licensed by some K12 school districts in the United States and its territories. It simplifies data integrations between Blackboard Learn and various K12 Student Information Systems used by school districts. Microsoft, the provider of DataSense, has announced they will no longer support DataSense after summer 2023. 
Anthology is working to identify an alternative solution to replace DataSense. Our current expectation is that we’ll find a similar solution and transition affected SIS integrations over to that provider in 2023. Anthology resold DataSense to our clients as part of current contracts. Because we will replace DataSense’s functionality with another solution, we expect that a contract amendment may be necessary to update the terms of use for the alternative SIS integration provider.
If your school district is affected, your account team will be reaching out to you with updates as they become available. Our goal is to minimize disruptions during this technology transition to replace Microsoft DataSense. If you currently pay Anthology for a DataSense license, we intend to replace that product with a comparable alternative under the terms of your existing contract. As details become available, we will provide updates about replacement technologies, transition plans, and any required tasks for affected clients.
This announcement is specific to K12 school districts in the United States using the DataSense data integrator solution. Other SIS data integration methods, client types, and global regions are not affected by this announcement.

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