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Jones & Bartlett Learning Partner Cloud Integration – Blackboard Learn 9.1

Date Published: May 25,2022

CategoryProduct:Extensions; Version:9.1 SP10 (9.1.100401.0),9.1 SP11 (9.1.110082.0),9.1 SP12 (9.1.120113.0),9.1 SP13 (9.1.130093.0),9.1 SP14 (9.1.140152.0),Learn April 2014 (9.1.201404.160205),Learn October 2014 (9.1.201410.160373)
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Download the Partner Cloud Building Block to Access the Jones & Bartlett Integration

About the Jones & Bartlett Learning Partner Cloud Integration

Instructors have asked for increased compatibility between Blackboard™ courses and the Navigate 2.0 platform. To meet this request, JBL and Blackboard have worked together to integrate JBL within the Blackboard Partner Cloud to provide the following features:
  • One-time course pairing between a Bb course and Navigate 2.0 course.
  • One-time account pairing for students and instructors between systems and SSO upon subsequent visits.
  • Instructors can add a link to the related Navigate 2 course home page into any Content Area of their Blackboard Learn course, allowing students direct access to their Navigate 2 course(s).
  • Grade synchronization – As students complete assignments in the Navigate 2 environment, a final grade will appear in the related Blackboard Learn course’s Grade Center and be updated automatically.

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