Blackboard SOAP Web Services Deprecation

Blackboard SOAP Web Services Deprecation

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Product:  Blackboard Learn


Blackboard SOAP Web Services Deprecation Announcement

With the release of Blackboard Learn Q2 2019, Blackboard is deprecating our SOAP APIs.  We recommend that if you use Blackboard's SOAP APIs as an external application or as part of a Building Block, you should immediately refactor your integration using our Blackboard REST APIs.
This SOAP deprecation announcement pertains to Blackboard SOAP APIs.  It doesn’t apply to the IMS Learning Information Services (LIS) SOAP Web Service-based SIS Services.

We are making this change to modernize our integration model for developers through the move to REST APIs and have created several documents to provide change guidance:
If you’re unable to refactor your existing integration using current REST APIs, please contact us at

Blackboard SOAP APIs will become unavailable in a future release of Blackboard Learn.