My Institution Help Desk in Behind the Blackboard

My Institution Help Desk in Behind the Blackboard

Date Published: May 31,2018 Category: Product:Collaborate,Learn_BU; Version:Collaborate,Learn_BU   Article No.: 000053069

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Description: Please review this article for instructions on how to search for and update your institution's Help Desk Support Portal.

Students can search for your Institution's Help Desk Support Portal by going to Please use this link to be sure that your Institution is searchable in the University prompt box located under Support:
Help Desk Search Prompt

If your Help Desk is found, verify that the link displayed when clicking on Get Support is valid.

If your Help Desk is missing or invalid, please follow these steps:

1. Log into Behind the Blackboard to update it by hovering over MY ACCOUNT in the upper right corner and choosing My Institution:

Behind the Blackboard My Account

2. Click on the View/Update Your Institution Help Desk Information link to review your current information:
User-added image

3. Click on Update Profile to update your Institution Help Desk link:
Help Desk Update

4. Click Save to be sure your changes are saved.
Help Desk Update Link